Been fighting a nasty cold this past week, so forgive the quick bullets. But here’s what’s resonated with me these past few weeks (watch my latest CNBC appearance):

  • China stated lower growth, US stated higher rates…why is anyone surprised about the market’s reaction?
  • Oil at these levels is historically stimulative…where’s the bid (or demand)?  With a "2" handle it gets interesting.
  • Nastiest FinTech quote of the week: “Robo-advisors are “SaS” models…Should ‘a Sold”. Ouch.
  • Harvard 5-year case study in the making on reserve management: Buy treasuries when yields are high and when your currency is strong. Sell treasuries when yields are lower and your currency is weaker. Then watch everyone vilify you. Who we talking about? China.
  • Another funny quote: “Why don’t we hear anymore buzz and PR about P2P debt?”…”Maybe ‘cause they are making money…
  • The Standard Oil Trade of the Month: Buy Fracker High Yield. Who is buying? PE. Who is the $$ behind the PE? You guessed it. Classic JD Rockefeller playbook. My production costs are lower than yours…
  • Compare China to Canada, South Africa, Japan, and Australia. Who really devalued?
  • Amazing watching Japan preaching to China about capital controls.
  • Low oil targeted three problems: Iran, Putin, and alternative energy. When does Putin get upset? When the dollar weakens. Watch for him to wake up soon...
  • Are we nervous now? No.
  • Get bullish folks. Want to play? Buy FANG (Facebook, Apple/Amazon, Netflix, Google)
  • The set it and forget it trade? Buy Alibaba and sell any bank leveraged to the teeth

…Back to my Nyquil. Nite!


Frank Troise is one of South East Asia's leading voices on FinTech. He is an active advisor to many of Asia’s leading financial firms, start-ups and technology firms. 

Mr. Troise has over twenty years of experience managing multi-billion dollar portfolios for corporations, endowments, foundations, and high net worth individuals.

Mr. Troise’s research, work op-eds, and career have been published in The Economist, Institutional Investor, The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, The Sacramento Bee, The Pacific Coast Business Times, Noozhawk, Derivatives Weekly, Pension & Investments, and Investment News. His investment letter has over 12,000 accredited readers and he is a frequent commentator on CNBC in the USA and Asia regarding market strategy for Squawk on the Street, The New Retirement Series, Power Lunch, Capital Connection, and Street Signs.

He is married, has two young children and relocated with his family to Singapore. He is extending his family office experience to South East Asian families. He is originally from New York and remains a devoted (frustrated) Yankees fan. He has an MBA in Finance from New York University and a B.S. in Managerial Economics from Carnegie Mellon University.