This highlight from Stratfor stood out to me, and then the subsequent quiet from the government:

The New York Stock Exchange has temporarily suspended trading because of technical issues, Bloomberg reported July 8. Earlier the same day United Airlines grounded all of its flights because of technical problems, but flights have since resumed. It is unclear if the two are related.
— Stratfor

I apologize, but there were other anecdotal reports of system outages across the USA.  The statistician in me doesn’t believe in the randomness of this.  

Pundits talk about the “Wall of Worry” and the ability for a bull market climb it.  China, Greece, etc…what is there to be excited about?

In the FinTech space, a war of words erupted amongst the larger robo-advisors.  Too bad this battle is being fought in a lifeboat still way adrift at sea.  No consumer is paying attention to this dialogue however "well intentioned".

Rather than ramble on about my market views (negative), I am going to keep this week’s missive quick as I found an excellent read for you for this weekend.  Michael Singer, who wrote The Untethered Soul, has come out with a new book: The Surrender Experiment.

The Untethered Soul is a classic.  The Surrender Experiment is another one.

In the midst of this noisy global chaos both might help provide some shelter.

Have great weekend!