When I was back in California the drought was front and center.  You couldn't avoid it.  The hills of Santa Ynez weren't just brown...they were burnt.

Yet, everyone spoke of the hope with the next El Nino storm system.  It seems there is no doubt we will have rain.  But will it solve the drought?  No.  But, the hope is there.

Likewise, there is an excellent article in the New Yorker (The Really Big Oneabout the likelihood of an enormous earthquake in the Pacific NorthWest.  One that would make the "Big One" in SoCal seem like a cake walk.  What was fascinating was the inevitability of this earthquake occurring, and how completely unprepared the cities are.  The hope is that it will never come.

Markets hoped for a bailout of Greece, yet smart money sees the bailout for what it really is: kicking the can.

Accordingly, smart money is still in mattress mode.  Look at how many big investors are in cash now.

I found myself incorporating more and more of what Singer wrote about in The Surrender Experiment.  I am no longer fighting this trade.  Let it just happen.

Personally, I am trading my book across all facets of our life.

I don't think the USA is safe for my kids, so I moved.

I don't think the USA's educational system is world class anymore, so I moved.

I don't think the real estate market in drought-stricken California will make it, so I moved.

I don't think the financial industry will be the same, so I innovated.

I don't think what got me to "here" will get me "there", so I pivoted and re-dedicated myself

Own Bonds?  Forget it.  Buy stocks?  Waiting.

Did I miss anything?

Maybe.  Feel free to reach out to me in case I did by clicking here.

This weekend, I am looking forward to my next read: Steal Like An Artist.  Should be a quick one.

Music-wise, this cover of "Mad World" by Jasmine Thompson is spot on, click here to listen to it on Apple.  I am enjoying this new service more and more.  My daughter and I have found ourselves sharing quite a bit through it.

So, while I hope nothing bad happens, I take comfort that in my conservatism, I have a good book and some music to enjoy this weekend.  I hope you do too!