Copyright: SoHo Capital LLC/2018

Copyright: SoHo Capital LLC/2018

"In just 40 minutes, Frank Troise covered the global markets, the Anthropocene, geo-politics, inequality, basic income, the Pivot to Asia; all while providing our conference attendees tangible next steps to take home. This is a conversation that any executive/manager worldwide, irresepective of industry, should hear, and use as a framework to ask the hard questions regarding the inevitable changes we are all witnessing first hand."

- Gerald Ferguson, General Manager APAC, The RFI Group

An absolute MUST for any C-level team looking for brass-tack pragmatic approach to APAC, ESPECIALLY China. Our ExComm was thoroughly impressed and had to re-evaluate our plan for 2018 as a consequence
— Top-3 CEO of a US Asset Management Firm
MUCH more than we had expected. Now we know why Frank requested no media, and no recordings. His directness, and political incorrectness, was refreshing
— GM of an APAC Insurance Division

"Our EXCOMM had just flew in from Switzerland the night before, and needed NO coffee!  Frank's morning keynote was a jolt through the room for our Group Executives.  Where we thought we had a strategic plan, it was in light of Frank's overview, a tactical short-term plan.  Our lesson?  The facts speak for themselves and the next 5-10 years will be crucial for FIs to navigate"

- EXCOMM Member of a Global Top-2 Asset Management, Wealth Management & Investment Bank

As one of the top fintech voices in Asia, it was enlightening to hear Frank’s view on the developments that await in the banking and technology space in Asia - and in the rest of the world!
Quantum physics, game theory, and political science wrapped up into a complete reality check on Fintech and innovation. Was a real wake up call to everyone
— CEO of a European Private Bank